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IPAA, International Photographic Art Awards

Established in Thailand and Singapore in 2020, The IPAA International Photographic Art Awards are just the beginning of a great project in the field of photography. Through photography we want to educate, transmit values, and open paths of expression and life.

Photographers are the eyes, the imagination, and the consciousness of the world. Without photographers, without photographs, the world would be totally different.

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still

Dorothea Lange

the first photographer. the first photograph. millions of photographs…

Nicephore Niepce The first photographic or heliographic procedure was invented by Nicephore Niepce around 1824. The images were obtained with Judean bitumen, spread on a silver plate, after an exposure time of several days.
In 1829, Niepce associated Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre in investigating him. In 1832, a second process was developed from the residue of the lavender essence distillation, which produced images with an exposure time of a whole day.

Niepce died in 1833. Daguerre continued working alone and invented, in 1838, the daguerreotype, the first procedure that included a development stage. A silver plate covered with a thin layer of silver iodide was exposed in the dark chamber and then subjected to the action of mercury vapors that caused the appearance of the invisible latent image, formed in the course of exposure to light. This development consisted of a great amplification of the effect of light, with which the exposure time did not exceed 30 minutes. Fixing was obtained by immersion in water, saturated with sea salts.

Almost 200 years have passed and millions of photographs have been taken, it would seem that everything is already photographed, but nothing is further from reality, precisely because reality is constantly changing there are always new things to photograph, it also changes the visions of the photographers to reflect reality, and of course the talent of photographers changes and evolves, with which each photographic artist can create different realities, so there are still many millions of photographs to take.

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