IPAA  Categories

This year the IPAA 2021 are offering entrants a choice of 10 categories to choose from, with single image and series entry options for all 10 categories making a total of 20 cash prizes. The available categories are as follows.

International Photographic Art Awards Fine Art Category

Fine Art

Fine Art is a very broad field of photography, where there is room for as many interpretations as the visions of each photographer. Fine Art Photography is a medium for creative expression, whose main objective is to express ideas, messages and emotions.

International Photographic Art Awards Architecture Category


Architecture photography includes any human construction, whether new or old, civil or religious, private or public, exterior or interior, large or small, panoramic or detailed, industrial or leisure, under construction or abandoned.

International Photographic Art Awards People Category

Portraits & People

Portrait and People photography are those in which one or more people appear, either only the face, half body or whole body, posing or spontaneous, carrying out any type of activity, always more or less close, where human features can be appreciated I the activity they develop.

International Photographic Art Awards Nature Category

Nature & Wildlife

Nature and wildlife includes any component of any ecosystem, terrestrial or aquatic, deserts, mountains, jungles, rivers, savannas, lakes, steppes, glaciers, oceans, prairies, plains, caves, swamps, forests, and absolutely any wild animal or plant that inhabit them, from large mammals to any tiny organism.

International Photographic Art Awards Photojournalism Category


In photojournalism we also include documentary photography, social documentary photography, where a news story or recent event is told, a current story is told or topics of general interest are deal with, also news or stories of any type of complaint or show realities in general hidden from most citizens.

International Photographic Art Awards Travel Category


In travel photography all other categories fit, they can be remote and exotic places, or close and traditional places. Long trips or short breaks. Adventure, culture or relaxation trips.

International Photographic Art Awards Sport Category

Sports & Events

In sports and event photography, all sports are included, both for teams and individuals, and events of any kind such as social activities, shows, popular festivals, traditions, theater, music, circus, etc.

International Photographic Art Awards Street Category

Street Photography

Street photography has a wide stage, any public space where there are human beings interacting or not, even without human beings but with traces of their passage.

International Photographic Art Awards Landscapes Category


Landscape photography is mostly of vast spaces in nature, but also small spaces, the landscape is of a wide interpretation, day or night, skies, volcanoes, oceans, or dunes, a tree or hundred trees, where the seasons of the year and the climate of the ecosystem have a great role.

International Photographic Art Awards Open Category

Open Theme

Open theme photography as its name suggests has room for absolutely any subject or style including photo manipulation and any creative editing technique.

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